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If your doctor gave you a prescription for medical marijuana you probably want to know if there are any side effects from smoking the drug. In general medical marijuana is a safe drug to consume and there are no life threatening side effects from smoking the drug. However, it is important that you are aware of the pros and cons of medical marijuana.

The pros of medical marijuana

Medical marijuana has been used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions for centuries now. The drug has been ranked in the top 50 fundamental herbs of Chinese medicine. The drug can be used to treat the following medical conditions: migraines, Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, glaucoma, as an analgesic, multiple sclerosis, and HIV. Medical marijuana can be consumed in several different forms – some less harmful than others. For example, if you smoke medical marijuana it will be harmful to your throat and lungs. However, if you swallow a capsule of THC (the chemical responsible for inducing a “high”) your lungs will not suffer. Mild consumption of the drug will not create any life threatening side effects.

The Cons of Medical Marijuana

Even though the negative side effects of marijuana are not life threatening it is important that you are aware of them. Excessive smoking of medical marijuana will be quite harmful to your lungs and throat. If you smoke medical marijuana regularly there is a chance that you could get lung or throat cancer. Additionally, the drug will impair your mental health. In other words, you will lose your ability to remember things clearly and it will be difficult for you to concentrate. The drug also has an effect on body coordination. Of course, you will not experience most of these negative side effects unless you smoke medical marijuana on a regular basis.

Medical marijuana is undergoing extensive research and new results are being discovered every day. However, if you need to consume medical marijuana it is recommended to smoke the dose your doctor prescribes for you and no more. Similarly, if you like to smoke marijuana recreationally you should not smoke high doses every day. The negative side effects present themselves when people have been smoking the drug regularly and for a long period of time. So in order to keep your body and mind healthy it is recommended to smoke low doses of marijuana once in a while – do not let yourself get addicted to the drug.

Smoke Weed for Medical Use

Smoke Medical Marijuana

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Everyone has their own vice. Some vices include food, sex, work or sleeping. Other people may or may not have purposely chosen to smoke too much weed as a way of relaxing and dealing with life’s stresses. Just like any vice in life, when someone gets stressed out, loses self-control, or simply cannot get enough of their vice, it might go beyond a vice and the substance or habit might be abused. When one goes beyond casual use of their chosen habit or substance, marijuana or otherwise, one might incur marijuana overdose or overdose on whatever substance they have exposed themselves to.

If you currently use weed, you might purposely or unknowingly smoke too much weed. Don’t feel alone! If you recognize some of the following signs that you are using too much weed, there are countless others doing it! Plus, weed is not the only thing that can be used or enjoyed too much. Plenty of people eat too much –  look at the levels of American obesity! Plenty of people are addicted to sex –  look at the celebrities and average Joes and Janes entering sex therapy because they are so focused on sex; they don’t focus on the connection with the person they are having sex with.

The following is a snippet of the following signs that you might smoke too much weed:

  •    You might smoke too much weed if you ask yourself: can you die from weed? Like most anything, there is always too much of a good thing. Can you die from weed? If you smoke enough in a short enough time and/or it’s tainted with a deadly neuro-toxin, then there is a chance. However, if you use your head and make sure your supply is clean and you are judicious with it, you should be fine most of the time.
  •   Another sign that you might smoke too much weed is that you are totally obsessed about it. If you fail to go to work, fail to take care of your home or apartment, or display similar behaviors, you probably smoke too much weed because you are letting it overtake your life.
  •   Another sign that you smoke too much weed is that whenever you get paid, the first thing you think about is setting aside enough money to buy it for that day, week, etc. If you make weed purchasing a priority over your rent, food, and other bills, then you might smoke too much weed.

After reading this article, unless you are high now, you should be able to determine whether you smoke too much weed or not if you can identify with one or more of these listed signs or something similar. Therefore, the next time you think about smoking some pot, think about this article and what it means to you.

Perhabs you smoke too much weed

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Every drug comes with side effects, even those thought harmless and enjoyable. Weed, or marijuana or one of its many names, is a drug that many choose to do. They smoke it, they add it to food, or they find some possible way to get it into their system. Many users do not consider the effects of weed, especially when their only thoughts are about getting that high, that feeling that they desperately seek. There are actual effects of weed on the brain, and they are not so small. There are the immediate effects that every person knows about, the ones that people smoke for, but there have also been some studies that show weed can do more than cause a high. While they are not completely finished with what is currently available, there is still some evidence out there pointing to what others say. Before deciding to try drugs, it is always important to look into what it can do to you instead of believing the words of random people, no matter what they tell you.

Effects of weed on the brain

Of course, there are those effects of weed that you already know about and, if you smoke or have smoked, experienced. That is the high and everything that goes along with it. Your perception, thinking processes, memory, and much more are all affected when you decide to smoke weed. If you have smoked weed then you already know that it causes these types of problems in your brain. Smoking every day can result in your mind being like this constantly. You will not be able to process anything as well as you should, your mind will feel sluggish, and you will not be at your best. Thinking at your highest capabilities every day requires you to be all there, something that weed prevents.

There have been studies on the long-term effects of weed on the brain, too. While there is not a lot, the effects of weed have still been shown to cause some damage later on in life. There are other factors that can influence the results, but many smokers are still shown to have some type of effect from weed. Of course, the damage is not the only thing happening in the brain after smoking weed. As far as effects of weed go, addiction is one of the worst. When you begin to feel as if you cannot live without it, your entire life is in its control. Your mind, body, and life can all be consumed by the effects of weed.

Any person who has smoked weed before already knows of the initial effects weed has on the brain. That high is why many choose it and many think of it as perfectly fine. It is thought of as a simple and harmless drug but, just like every other drug out there, it has its negative side effects. Smoking a lot can cause your mind to not function as well as it should, there are studies out there linking it to some long-term effects, and it is addictive.

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Marijuana is something that grows naturally in the natural world, but is this drug also known as weed or cannabis something safe and is it possible you can die from weed? It is safe to say that before you smoke weed for any type of medicinal or recreational purpose you should first have a firm comprehension of the effects of smoking weed and the truths behind these weed myths.

Weed/Marijuana plant

Just what renders Weed a Narcotic?

With more than hundreds of other slang names for weed, let’s foremost establish what exactly makes up weed before we dive into the truth to some marijuana myths. Cannabis is a complex plant made up of over 400 different elements, but THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main compound that makes it a psychoactive drug-not just any everyday plant. Since the turn of the century, countries worldwide have concluded weed to be a danger, but can weed kill you? Is it so harmful that it should be illegal to possess and consume? Some of the facts below may surprise you.

Weed/Marijuana Myths #1: Weed causes human brain deterioration.

Many people think marijuana can lead to big brain problems, although right now there are no scientific experiments that completely help support these remarks. After much research and review, the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse arrived at the conclusion that weed might not be totally and 100% safe, but the hazards of the drug have been “grossly overstated”. This includes the thought that marijuana can bring about brain damage.

Weed/Marijuana Myths #2: Weed is a gateway illegal drug.

Statistically, if this myth was a reality, then at the very minimum, there would be 3 million hard drug (heroin, cocaine, meth, etc.) junkies, and just in the U.S. alone. This shows the “gateway theory” incorrect. Needless to say, not even half of the 70 million marijuana consumers (at least one use) have ever even touched harder drugs-no where near that number!

Weed/Marijuana Myths #3: Smoking weed is equally as harmful as smoking cigarettes.

Although a common statement, this is altogether myth! The truth is that in judging the two, there is not anywhere close to the same amount of tar transported to the lungs, and to say so is fully untrue and can be very mistaken. The best way to stifle the small-scale amount of tar that is transported to the lungs from cannabis consumption, one can simply use a vaporizer or eat food containing THC, certainly if you are a regular smoker.

Weed/Marijuana Myths #4: You may die from smoking weed.

Explanations to the concern, “Can you die from weed?” are thrown around constantly without any solid evidence. The scientific truth is that you cannot directly die from smoking weed and overdosing from marijuana is simply impossible. If you wanted to even attempt, you would have to puff away a massive 680kg and all in the matter of 15 minutes! That’s about the time it takes to review this article of myths! If only the people who have stated this to be correct would have just taken that same time to explore what the facts are! So also here the hazard of the effects of weed are overstated.

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Weed is one of the most popular recreational narcotics on the planet.  It seems like everyone has tried weed at least once in their lives.  It is at that point that that person decides whether or not to continue using weed or not.  A lot of the decision is based on one of two of the major effects of weed: the high.  If a person gets a good buzz or high then they will continue to use weed.  If the person does not get a high, that person may not touch weed again.  Regardless of what happens, it is the high that dictates everything.  So what causes the high?  The highs (and lows) of weed all depend on a person’s brain chemistry.

Weed itself is a depressant, so the primary effects of weed are to leave the user unstimulated.  Depending on a person’s brain chemistry, weed will either have a great effect or miniscule effect on the person.  So what kind of brain chemistry will be most affected by weed?  It seems that the people who are greatly affected by weed are those with a natural inclination toward depression.  This is not something that has ever been concretely proven, but when one looks at the facts and a lot of firsthand accounts of drug use there is a certain logic to it.

First off since weed is a depressant, it only makes sense that it will not stimulate a person’s brain.  Many people who take weed started to smoke because they were told it would relax them.  That part is true because the high also produces a numbing low, which makes a person extremely mellow.  It is also the reason why weed is used to treat patients with chronic pain.  The effects of weed will relax a person to the extent that he does not feel the effects of the pain that is bothering him.  Unfortunately, this effect is also, what can cause depression among weed users.

The reason for the cause of depression among those who use weed is that a person who is naturally depressed will already have a hard time functioning.  Weed will only decrease the person’s ability to function normally.  That person will not have the energy to do the things that they normally enjoyed doing because of the increased depression.

The effects of weed are most common among teenagers.  Teenagers are naturally depressed to start with.  They are busy trying to discover who they are and learning how to make good decisions.  That is a lot of pressure on a person, and that can cause a person to be depressed.  Many of these people turn to weed to help cope with that depression, not realizing that the effects of weed will only increase that depression.

It seems that the effects of weed can be different for everyone.  Those who are not naturally depressed will not experience many of the lows associated with using weed.  However, those who are naturally depressed will only find that depression to further develop.  The best way to decrease that depression is to stop using weed altogether.  There are many places that will help a person to recover from the effects of weed as well as treating the reasons that caused them to start.

Weed can increase a natural depression

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Smoking marijuana is something many people choose to do. They think it is a relaxing experience and enjoy the high. Not many of them really consider the risks of weed use, though. They believe the voices that tell them it is safe and no person can ever get hurt, but that is not true. There are many risks and each of them can be dangerous, even life threatening. Illnesses, aggression, problems with the heart, and much, much more are all capable of happening when you smoke. These risks are not small, either, and may result in a serious injury or even your death, neither of which are something you will want to go through. There are quite a few ways that the effects of weed can put your life in danger, some you may have never even thought of before. Weed is not a safe drug that will have you only experiencing fun and jolly times, as some might have you think, it can actually tear apart your life. Believing that marijuana is safe and has no risks at all is not only dangerous but it is putting your life on the line.

There are two types of risks involved with weed, the immediate risks from the high and the long-term risks from smoking for years. The ones you experience right away have to do with the high, the reason you smoked. Aggression and anxiety are two big risks, both of which can make a very major impact in your own life, and there is also paranoia and a depressed mood, which, again, negatively impact your life. They will not only have you acting strangely but they will also put you in harm’s way in normal life. Whether you are walking down a street or taking a drive, these types of behavioral changes can have you doing things you would not do normally nor would you ever want to. These effects of weed put your life in immediate danger.

The risks of weed are more than just what is experienced from the high, there are also long-term risks. Some of the effects of weed include precancerous changes to the lung tissue, illnesses related to the lungs, and other sicknesses causes by smoking weed (more about the effect of weed on your lung). This is because weed contains some of the same carcinogens as tobacco, which is well known to cause many problems. When you smoke, you are exposing yourself to these dangers and putting your life at risk. Of all the effects of weed, these ones stay with you the longest. You are not ridden of them after sobering up, they stay with you.

Many of the effects of weed do put your life in danger. You change while high and those changes can cause you to do stupid things that might be putting your life in danger. The long-term effects of smoking can cause you to become ill and develop serious problems later in life, which do not go away just because you stopped smoking. There is more to weed than just a fun high, a lot more.

Smoking weed is not just relaxing. It has also some risks...

How to hide being highhttp://effectsofweed.org/physical-effects/how-to-hide-being-high http://effectsofweed.org/physical-effects/how-to-hide-being-high#commentsSat, 07 Jul 2012 17:55:25 +0000theadminbitchhttp://effectsofweed.org/?p=54Continue reading]]>

Many people choose to get high for one reason or another but, if they have to work or live with others who may disagree with it, most have to learn how to hide being high. There are several things that can have people knowing you chose to smoke, like the smell and your behavior, but there are ways to hide them. The effects of weed can have you smelling like the smoke and acting strangely so people will know that you smoked if they catch onto them. You need to know how to hide each of them, lest you get in trouble with somebody. Of course, there are some things that cannot be hidden, though. If you are in work and are forced to do a drug test, for example, there is no way to change the outcome, they will know. Those only trying to hide the smell and how they act at home, though, can do that. It takes just a few items and remembering how to act, very simple. It may not always work, because this is a drug and the effects of weed cannot always be hidden, but it is a good way to at least try.

Bloodshot eyes is an effect of weed - You can hide it

The smell is something many smokers want to hide. It can be simple with a cologne or body spray but that is not always going to help. The effects of weed can have you smelling strongly like the drug, which is something many will catch onto and quickly, but it can be masked with a stronger smell. Try something that you know can cover even already strong smells. There are many options out there and there are even some sprays that can work perfectly. Of course, if you leave and suddenly come back with a smell you may start ringing some bells. The effects of weed also stretch to your eyes, as many know. Those bloodshot eyes can be cared for with some simply eye drops.

Looking the part is not the only way to hide being high, though. There are some behavioral changes because of the effects of weed. It is a drug that affects your mind and how you act. You become more anxious and paranoid and everything around you begins to feel different, which can worry you when high. If you want to hide the fact that you are high you need to cover the changes in your behavior, too. You need to find your bearings and be able to act as though you are sober. If you are acting strangely then people will suspect something, and you will act stranger than normal when high.

No matter your reason to get high or your reason to hide it, you do need to know how hiding it needs to be done to get away with doing it. If you choose to smoke but end up smelling like the drug or acting paranoid or sketchy, people will catch on. You need to be able to mask the smell and behave in a normal manner for people to not catch on to what you are doing.

Sometimes you have to hide, that you smoked weed.

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Smoke is known to cause problems, no matter what it is you are smoking, and marijuana smoke is not different. When you choose to smoke weed, you are more than likely doing it for the high you receive from it but are not taking into consideration the health risks. Some people will have you believe that there are no side effects to smoking marijuana, but that is not true. When you burn it, you release chemicals that can affect you in several different ways, including in your lungs. The effects of weed on the lungs are well documented and, if you have smoked or do smoke weed, you have more than likely experienced it. That cough and those breathing problems are all side effects to the weed, along with other respiratory problems. The fact that marijuana smokers hold the smoke in for longer contributes to these problems, too. With any smoke, you run the risk of damaging your lungs and becoming ill but many weed smokers do not realize this. The effects of weed are not small and can even have you risking your life (but it takes a lot to get near this point).

Smoking for a while will begin to show the effects of weed on the lungs. You will have that cough that many smokers do, you will see phlegm, and you will have various chest and lung problems. There are several effects of weed but the lungs are definitely the one you will notice the most. If you choose to smoke, there is no way to get around the chemicals the smoke produces. Respiratory illness risk rises, your chest will begin to hurt more often, and you will see these effects beginning to take shape. Smoke is dangerous, no matter what it is from, and it does not end well. In fact, weed even has more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco and, if you bring in the fact that marijuana smokers on often hold in their smoke, there is little to debate on this fact. Your lungs are in danger with every type of smoke, even weed smoke.

Of course, the effects of weed are more than the discomfort and illnesses in the lungs, there is also the chance of cancer in your lungs. While it has only shown to bring up the chances, it is still something every smoker needs to remember. Cancer is not something to take lightly and those who choose to smoke weed do not always take into consideration everything that can happen. The effects of weed do reach too many parts of the body and do several things, and this includes sometimes increasing your cancer risk. But sometimes smoking weed protects you also from some types of cancer.

There is no denying the fact that weed does have its negative side effects. Any person who has smoked can tell you of the coughing associated, something that worsens the longer you smoke. You run the risk of serious respiratory illnesses and several lung problems. Weed is not something that should be looked at innocently because it has more to it than what others tell you. There are dangerous associated with every smoke, and that does apply to marijuana smoke.

But there is also a positive effect of weed on your lungs.

A healthy lung compared to a lung filled with tar

Weed and Adolescent Developmenthttp://effectsofweed.org/psychical-effects/weed-and-adolescent-development http://effectsofweed.org/psychical-effects/weed-and-adolescent-development#commentsSat, 30 Jun 2012 15:46:30 +0000theadminbitchhttp://effectsofweed.org/?p=43Continue reading]]>

There are many rites of passage in the life of a teenager: getting a driver license, their first serious girlfriend, prom, etc.  However, one rite of passage that has been quite popular for many years is the use of marijuana.  The story of weed and teens is not a new one; in fact, it has been ingrained into our pop culture through film and song.  While all of this is meant to present using weed as a harmless pastime, many teens and adults are still unaware that the effects of weed can have a very negative effect on teenagers.

Smoking weed can be dangerous for teenager

There have been many debates over weed and adolescent development about what the effects of weed will produce.  What may surprise many is that weed itself will not cause death.  Weed is not a plant that is fatal to the human body.  It does not produce any of the lethal effects that cocaine, heroin, and most recently meth can.  In fact, many states have begun to allow the use of weed to treat chronic as well as terminal diseases.  The real dangers involved with weed are not anything that can be attributed to the plant itself, but rather what effects that the plant can produce on the human brain.

Weed is known as a depressant.  It lowers ambition as well as diminishes rational thought. This is where the problem lies with weed and adolescent development.  The high that weed produces among teenagers is powerful.  It can produce a greater high among teenagers because of the fact that they are still developing.  While that effect is greatly enhanced so is the other one.  Weed tends to impair brain function, which can make it difficult for a teenager to learn new things.  Teenagers do not have the same drive that adults do, because many have yet to develop it yet. When a teenager’s ability to learn is impaired it is more likely that they will give up rather than to try to overcome the difficulty.  This inability to learn may cause the teenager to either give up on his education or squeak by with minimal effort and cause them to leave school with little to no practical skills to survive in the real world.  As the teenager grows into adulthood, they will come to depend on weed more and more to cope with their unfulfilled lives.  This could lead to severe depression and possibly even suicide down the road.

One of the other effects of weed is the lowering of inhibitions (remember weed is a depressant after all).  So what does this do?  With lower inhibitions, teens are more likely to engage in sex quicker, which can lead to unplanned pregnancies.  Another side effect of having lower inhibitions is that they are more likely to take risks that they would never have considered before.  Since weed is not free, a teenager will have to come up with a way to pay for it.  The most common way involves theft.  This can lead to legal problems at a very young age.

It is obvious that the effects of weed on a teenager can be quite severe.  If you suspect that a teenager may be using weed, talk to them about getting help.  Do not let drugs ruin a person’s life before it begins.

Smoking weed can ruin someones life

Psychological Effects of Weedhttp://effectsofweed.org/psychical-effects/psychological-effects-of-weed http://effectsofweed.org/psychical-effects/psychological-effects-of-weed#commentsSat, 30 Jun 2012 08:04:31 +0000theadminbitchhttp://effectsofweed.org/?p=32Continue reading]]>

Smoking marijuana has been a part of the US culture for several decades, while the addictive effects and legal status have been debated for quite some time, there is no doubt that the effects of weed can have a demonstrable effect on the psyche.

There is little debate on the physiological effects of weed. The inhalation of THC which is the prime ingredient in marijuana can cause definite physical effects which include the following;

You can get a dry mouth because of smoking weed

  • Increased heart rate, blood pressure and breathing.
  • Discolored eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Slower reaction time
  • Increase in appetite

Normally these effects last for three to four hours, but the weed stays in a person’s system for up to 24 hours after inhalation. This can have an impairing effect even several hours after the high has gone away.

The psychological effects of weed have a pronounced effect with the most common feeling being that of euphoria, this feeling is the intoxicant that induces most weed smokers to keep using marijuana repeatedly. The other psychological effects of weed include;

  • Anxiety or Depression: While each person has their own reaction, it can vary considerably between both of these conditions depending on a number of outside circumstances.
  • Paranoia: Another of the common effects of weed, the feeling that you are doing something wrong or will get caught. Can be associated with feelings of anxiety.
  • Random Thinking: A series of thoughts that have little to do with each other, this short attention span and focus on a random series of different thoughts are another of the psychological effects of weed.
  • Passage of time: Usually a distorted sense where a person under the effects of weed is not aware of the passage of time, sometime with hours going by which may seem like minutes or vise versa depending on the person.

Most of these effects pass rather quickly after the feeling of being “high” is gone, though they can last somewhat longer and be reinforced if a person continues to smoke weed. Marijuana is addictive with rates reported by various sources as up to 30% of people who smoke weed will become addicted, at least psychologically depending on how much they smoke in a certain period of time.

Withdrawing from the addicting effects of weed includes feelings of aggression, anxiety, depression and a decrease in appetite. Whether weed is a “gateway” drug is still up for debate, though heavy pot smokers are more likely to use stronger drugs such as cocaine or heroin. What is not known is whether smoking weed causes these tendencies or if the person who smokes heavily is simply more likely by nature to try stronger drugs.

The effects of weed have been well documented over the past 70+ years of common use among young adults and now older Americans. There has been recorded substantial, long term negative psychological effects from smoking weed for those who have engaged in this activity frequently and for an extended period of time.

Weed can be a gateway drug